We provide individual programs designed to assist little people in achieving the best possible growth and development of the mouth, face and airways.  Developed through many years of research and experience in the field, our specialised programs empower children and their families in a relaxed and individual approach. 

Thumb and Finger Sucking

Thumb or finger sucking is common amongst children as a soothing or comfort mechanism.
Although it can look so sweet, the affects it may have on your child are complex. Thumb and finger sucking in a child can impact not only the development of their face, teeth and jaw, but may lead to other issues with fingers and thumbs. The age of 4-6 years is the optimal time to catch the growth of their jaws and faces.

Our personalised approach aims to reduce the intensity, frequency and duration of thumb and finger sucking in a fun and friendly way.  


Oral Posture and Tongue Thrust

The tongue is a muscle that should be lightly suctioned to the roof of the mouth (palate) when in rest position. Lips should be closed and breathing should be light and through the nose. When swallowing, the upward pressure is increased and the tongue thrust creates forward/lateral pressure. We swallow over 700 times per day so this tongue thrust can contribute to a low-forward rest posture, anterior open bites and difficulties with speech articulation.

Using exercises to strengthen the jaw and retrain the tongue, a new way of swallowing and forming some speech sounds is developed. This treatment may be used alone or in conjunction with your orthodontist or other specialist.

Dummies or Pacifiers

Dummy use doubles the risk of posterior cross bite and triples the risk of anterior open bite, which can increase the likelihood of orthodontic treatment and dental issues later in childhood. We encourage the cessation of dummies at the age of 6 months, solid foods are introduced, increasing development of the chewing muscles. We understand that limiting or stopping dummy use can be a real challenge for parents when it has been such an effective sleep or settling aide! 

At Thumbs Away our quit programs are the perfect way to help your child give up the dummy for good. They’re personalised and designed to empower little ones on their journey to healthy oral habits. The fun and friendly parent-led approach ensures that the whole family feels supported.


Mouth Breathing and Snoring

When you’re a mouth breather, not only are you at an increased risk of dental decay and gum disease, but you are also more like to develop a high narrow palate which increases the crowding and malocclusion. Did you know that the roof of your mouth is the floor of your nose? When your palate develops narrow and high it is actually taking away space from the nasal cavity and sinuses.

By addressing posture, tongue position and improved breathing with behaviour modification techniques and exercises, you may see speedy improvements to your child’s breathing, sleep and behaviour.