Educational Speaker

Have you got an upcoming event aimed at empowering parents?

Or are you keen to add value to the families that you serve with a topical information session?

My relaxed and informative presentations help parents gain a greater understanding of the importance of healthy oral habits in children aged 0-10 years. I provide participants with an opportunity for plenty of Q & A time and a chance to develop the tools they need to help their kids develop to their full potential. 

During the presentations, we’ll cover:

Thumb dummy and non nutritive sucking habits – why kids love it and why it’s an issue
Why mouth breathing and snoring can be a sign of a more complex issue
How tongue thrust and tongue placement influences speech development

Let’s inspire parents to help give their children the best start possible. Each presentation can be custom-built to give attendees the specific information they are seeking.

About Kate Oakley 

Kate Oakley has over 20 years of experience as a Dental Hygienist and Orofacial Myologist.

Her passion helping little faces develop to their full genetic potential was ignited by her work and the fact that she’s mum to 2 beautiful children of her own.

Working in the dental industry means Kate has seen many adults with a combination of crowded teeth, dental decay and gum disease. These are all very common dental concerns that can be connected to mouth breathing and undesirable oral habits. Correcting these issues when children are young and developing can help prevent issues later in life.